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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


The Matrix-Q Ecosystem shares 5% for Children Program to early bridge the Circularity, SDG, Leadership & Gender Gaps

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead, Social Impact Lead

We believe children to be the heart of social impact.

Which world we are leaving for them ? Is this future we are creating giving to them the necessary conditions to thrive or is our legacy an increasing number of problems they need to solve

The development of a social impact company implies to engage into the achievement of vision, a vision in which our positive impact in nature, people, cultures and equal-world-wide economic growth creates all together the world we want for our children.

We learn from our past, as humanity, and we must learn very quick. As the following 30 years change of thinking and behavior in human kind will create the future 200 years of problems next generation will need to endure and solve.

Each generation has this responsibility. Some times it may take for an individual the whole life to learn about it. Yet accountability is a competence we can develop at early age.

Values are communicated and exercised as well at early age.

Our company would like to support parents (families), communities and schools to bring by to children the skills, competences and values our future need. And through this work, also communicate with older generations regarding the value of the time they have while alive to create a better future for their children.

In the children hearts and dreams we see the change makers of the future.


5% of our final net income will be dedicated to a special program for children, dedicated to encourage them and develop human competences, values and knowledge, that is extremely important for humanity future.

The children program will focus on circular principles, nature principles, rhythms and cycles, how to learn from them for daily life decisions and own personal development. But as well will focus on social impact, social inclusion, creativity, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Having as a reference the SDG Sustainable development goals, adjusted to a children version.

To bridge the gender gap is one of our main goals, focusing on gender equity, equality, balance, diversity; as well as in skills for children to work together (which they naturally have and develop by playing), to communicate, collaborate and co-create within a gender diverse environment, hoping to strengthen in them the capacity to perceive value in co-creativity and carry their intent and skills while they become older.


By utilizing lean learning (learning by playing methodology) we will produce and provide experiential (in-premises) and online programs for children that will be deployed at the locations we work by our associated consultants.

Our team members learn at the Matrix-Q Akademia not only develop their ability to bring by knowledge to adults and entrepreneurs, but also to children.

Children from 10+ is our first target group. We have already completed a 2 years validation program with children of 6+ and we are ready with the results to start with the implementation of this program.

Both activities with children in nature and digital platform programs for children will be provided to parents and schools.


  • Parents are welcome to join the first stage of the program as volunteers
  • Volunteers are welcome to join the Matrix-Q Akademia to learn on our methodology and facilitate these programs to children