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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


The Matrix-Q Gender Manifesto [Preview]

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead, Social Impact Lead

Since 1993 i have been engaged into a research on multidisciplinary collaboration, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

One of the most important outcomes of the research work and experience on the field is on the value of combining “male and female” skills for creativity, leadership and decision making.

There are several reasons why, from high level performance, to empathy, social sensitivity, engagement, accountability and communication skills.

A well balanced and gender diverse team, with a training that helps them bridge the gender gaps, would bring an advanced outcome for the organization, but as well enable in the teams a family-life-work-community-nature balance.

Capacity building with focus on bridging the gender gap is not enough, We also need a change management that bridges the gender gap, which utilize knowledge on nature principles and cycles, and is able to redefine organization process and adjust it to natural human cycles, in balance with human stages of development, age, and hormonal shifts.


The Matrix-Q Gender Manifesto, will be published in 2020.

It focuses on human circularity, application of circular economy principles, with focus on bridging gender gap.

We will share in this manifesto our strategies and programs, for our teams, stake-holders and customers, with focus on gender.


Below some examples of the content planned for the manifesto, which are the results of experiments and research, new models and application of innovative knowledge and methodology dedicated to bridge the gender gap, enable thinking and behavior change.

We have implemented 9 categories of programs within our organization with focus on enabling gender equity, diversity, balance, equality and inclusion.

  • The Matrix-Q Akademia, in-house work-study program for circular economy specialists and associated consultants and investors, for example, has set as one if its recruiting rules that 50% of the team members will be women.
  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem itself holds a gender equity policy, aiming for having 50% of share holders women.
  • As an ecosystem we share 5% of our achievements with a children program dedicated to children to early bridge the gender gap
  • Including a B.I. business intelligence (A.I. Engine) that will help us predict, prevent and spot gender discrimination risk, events or legacy elements in the organization; and protect teams that are already gender-wise in their behavior and process.
  • It is our believe that change management based on gender-knowledge will up-level our global culture and civilization, social impact, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and capacity building.

Accountability and social impact must have a gender-wise foundation.