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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


New human capital promotion system enables long-life learning and circular-innovation mindset

The Matrix-Q Akademia has the purpose to bring by Matrix-Q Knowledge, Solutions and Competences to all team members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Internally is the back bone of the Matrix-Q Human-Centered Solutions.

The Matrix-Q Akademia offers also courses to organizations, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and impact investors; extending its network of influence by sharing knowledge and skills.


Thanks to the gamified learning system, our team members earn points and demonstrate capacity to become eligible for a rank.

Rank in the Matrix-Q Akademia means the possibility to receive assignments, on tasks and projects of the organization, and access to higher compensation levels and additional benefits.


There are 9+ Rank levels, associated to 9+ Levels of training. It means that the higher rank of the Akademia is also at continuous learning and at the same time take responsibility at leadership (CxO, Director, Management) level of the company.

Rank also means that the rank holder has demonstrated capacity of solving a level of complexity by applying Matrix-Q Knowledge, Solutions, Technology & Competences.

For us is an indicator of the level of responsibility a team member is ready to receive and to deliver.


The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is committed to sustainable living, quality of life, social impact, SDG compliance, multidisciplinary circular-innovation and economic growth.

Through the development of circular thinking and circular innovation capacity we ensure our team members to create value, design strategies, make decisions, produce and deploy services and products, communicate and enable circular growth.

The industry and the academic research has been misguided by linear thinking for more than 300+ years, creating waste, resource depletion, the extinction of millions of species and climate change.

In order to ensure a sustainable change we request from our team members a serious commitment in their own personal process of learning and development of the ability to think, feel and act with the knowledge acquired.


According to the rank, and team member DNA (competences) & qualifications, a tailor-made role will be assigned if necessary for the company growth.

The Matrix-Q Organization Model considers team members as capable of entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and impact-investment, according to their level of training; with respective levels of achievement, represented by the rank they hold.

Through this method we ensure long life learning, thinking and behavior change and the development of leadership skills through a capacity building program that encourages actionable and accelerated learning.


We are living times of uncertainty, ambiguity, rapid change, volatile value and un-estability.

It is in this time when we choose to look inwards, to learn from our own steps, develop the ability to perceive value, liberate trapped value, discover and explore innovation opportunities.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is an R&D Innovation ecosystem aware of the needs of our time. For example our approach for circular economy, with a human inclusive model, and 9 economies model, enables the creation of value, circular innovation, at all levels and disciplines of human experience.

For this reason, the Matrix-Q Akademia, welcomes professionals of any discipline, as we believe there is an opportunity for circular innovation in every bit of human creativity, done today, in the past and in the future.


The Matrix-Q Methodology for accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change is the engine behind the Matrix-Q Akademia.

The methodology is used by our team members to enable sustainable and circular growth; it has become the nervous system of our human centered circular economy model.

We believe that our new team members will become the leaders the future global circular civilization needs, the accelerators of the transition to a circular economy, the multidisciplinary-innovators, social impact entrepreneurs, and impact investors with the duty to create the quality of future we want.

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