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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


New methodology strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity : The Matrix-Q COVID-19 Action Program

L. D. Maldonado Fonken
CEO, R&D Lead, Social Impact Lead

” Life is filled with unexpected changes. Change creates uncertainty and challenges our adaptive capacity. Resilience, learning skills and creativity, will help us endure and stand the most terrible times look at our future with a positive mindset. ” LDMF

The measurements for the control of COVID-19 pandemic are for our own good, even the social an economic consequences, their impact, are the next challenge to care for. While health professionals and volunteers world-wide are caring for every one that is in the need of health care, as entrepreneurs and innovators we would like also to contribute.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem along the last 12 days we have been adapting ourselves to the current challenges the market and economy experience, we have extended to our ecosystem partners, the same support we provide to our team members online.

We have learned about COVID-19 Pandemic social and economic impact and analyzed the data available and projections shared by government and private organizations.

As conclusion we believe there is no time to waste; if every company would create space within its daily business process, to contribute with their employees families, to their local communities, network and nation, we would together create better conditions for recovery of our economy and people.


For the human species is not the first time we face this kind of challenge. we can learn from the past and the present today.

What we learn in human history from a number of “separated-in-time” events is that human adaptive capacity, survival instinct and creativity, has made a difference, in the destiny of families, leaders, cultures and companies.

Today, as for any other “hockey-stick-curve”, the events and challenges we need to face take place very quick and close from each other in time. Our capacity for response, coordinated response, is essential for success.

Human capacity of learning, adaptation, creativity, (personal) leadership have been always the backbone for success.


Will include coaching and training that will up-level leaders, innovators, teams and communities response capacity to the social and economic challenges created by the COVID-19 and the measurements implemented in order to control the pandemic.


Today, thanks to the internet and mobile technology we can react globally, systemically, and at scale, communicate, collaborate and optimize our response to challenges.

By applying circularity principles, we have designed a series of products, services, that will help our community and ecosystem to accelerate their transition to a coordinated and better capacity of collective and individual response to current ad future challenges.


Today, 28th March 2020, we have launched a new recruiting program for coaches, trainers, consultants, advisors, counselors, that would like to work with us ( contact us to ).

The recruiting program includes a free of charge training, for candidates to learn our methodology and deliver accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change, adaptive capacity, extended perception of value, emotional engagement, social empathy, leadership, creativity, circular thinking and innovation capacity.

In combination with our SaaS online digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, our human consultants will provide human connection and a new set of human competences that A.I. can not displace.

Being positive is not naive, is leadership.

In the spirit of the statement above, we are looking forward to the response of social engaged professionals with a positive mindset that would like to join our company and contribute with society and economic stability, by participating in the development of our COVID-19 Action Program.


One of our first actions has been to create a meet-up online for weekly emotional balance and stress release and conscious breathing, including check-in status and goals setting. With our methodology we ensure our guests to reduce anxiety, improve daily structure and up-level creativity.

The meet-ups are combined with group coaching and offer alternative individual coaching sessions for leaders and teams.

Following activities and already designed services and products will be delivered along 2020-2023 to empower our ecosystem and locations through with Matrix-Q Solutions


Lets bring the best of humanity together, today, and engage proactively into creative adaptation. By applying nature principles, cycles, rhythms and systems, circularity principles, we are able to accelerate the regeneration of our society and economy.

Looking forward to your contribution!